Komodo Platform has established an unmatched blockchain foundation to serve entrepreneurs and businesses looking to leverage blockchain technology to bolster the success of their ideas.

Though Komodo has created the world’s best and most innovative blockchain solutions (Agama, JUMBLr, HyperDEX, Blockchain Generator, dICO, dPOW, Smart Contracts and more), our research shows that navigating the world of blockchains can intimidate early adopters given its steep learning curve.

What do we solve?

Chainmakers’ mission is to streamline the process of deploying your own custom, independent blockchain(s), and to ensure that you have zero knowledge gaps on how to utilize Komodo’s end-to-end blockchain solutions to secure and accelerate the growth of your business today.

How Chainmakers Works



Submit complete details of your project using our Proposal Form.



We review your submission & determine how we can best support your unique use of Komodo’s blockchain technology. Our team then evaluates costs and produces an outlined plan and invoice for you and your project.



Once payment is complete, we begin working to guarantee the successful deployment of your custom blockchain infrastructure.



If your project requires our dICO consulting service, we will also provide our expertise to assist you in setting up and launching your dICO.

Services We Offer

Blockchain Security & Creation

PoW / PoS, dPOW, custom node network, custom mining options, and more. We’ve got you covered with all the blockchain knowledge and solutions you need.

dICO Support

Launch your decentralized crowdfund. Establish advanced pricing setups, a variable price based on Coinmarketcap or your own fixed value; We can help you make it all happen.

ERC20 Migration

Helping you migrate your coins from Ethereum’s blockchain to your own fully independent blockchain with low fees and best-in-class security.

Simple Contract Development

Guaranteeing your new blockchain(s) Crypto Conditions are support enabled.

Komodo’s Security Services

Bitcoin-level security using the dPOW mechanism for cross-chain notarizations, which backs up your blockchain to Bitcoin and Komodo’s blockchains for maximum security.

Exchange Listing Coordination

List your coin on your preferred exchanges, while we help you manage your exchange listings with ease.

Project Consulting & Documentation

We document your entire project from end to end and offer our team’s expertise to support your entire journey to launch.

Project Support

24/7 assistance from our team dedicated to reducing all knowledge gaps and helping your project grow.

Decentralized ICO

What is a dICO?

Komodo’s dICO (decentralized Initial Coin Offering) gives you the freedom to launch your own independent crowdfund.

Why do a initial coin offering in a decentralized way?

Crowdfund on your own blockchain successfully with no dependencies and zero third party risk.

What are the benefits of doing a dICO?

• Freely create whatever type of business you want
• Deploy your own Independent Blockchains with our Click-to-Launch Chain Generator.
• Choose from Komodo’s optional, industry-leading Security Services (Recommended)
• Make your own Blockchain Rules and Consensus Mechanisms
• Launch a decentralized P2P crowdfunding campaign without third party risk
• Enjoy consistent performance without being burdened by other blockchains’ activities
• Integrate with barterDEX and Trade within the largest Open Atomic Swap Network
• Generate and Interlink as many Blockchains as you need for scalability
• Flexibility to migrate or remain within Komodo Ecosystem

What does it cost to do a dICO?

The cost of a dICO is variable depending on the quantity of servers needed and the extent of the event. Base price is $5000 with 8 servers and initial setup support.

Komodo Blockchains

A Komodo Blockchain is a run-time fork of the Komodo Platform. Every Komodo Blockchain inherits almost all of the properties of the Komodo Platform, making a Komodo Blockchain a powerful, secure and privacy-oriented blockchain. Komodo Blockchains are secured by the delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) consensus mechanism. The dPOW service continually notarizes the current state of your Komodo Blockchain in KMD and BTC, securing your blockchain with Bitcoin-level security at all times.


Komodo Blockchains can be secured with delayed Proof of Work (dPoW), using the exa-hashes that secure the BTC blockchain.


Shielded Z-transactions make your Komodo Blockchain private when needed


No dependency on the Komodo Platform whatsoever. You have freedom to migrate the blockchain from the Komodo Platform.

Why A Komodo Blockchain?

Komodo Blockchains help you overcome the problems that other platforms consistently have: Lack of security, dependency on the main platform’s currency and centralisation. Komodo Blockchains were made to tackle these problems and offer you a fully independent blockchains, containing all of the features of the Komodo Platform, such as the following:

Possibility For Private Transactions (using Z-addresses)

BTC Security By Using dPoW

Instant support for atomic swaps on the BarterDEX decentralized exchange

Let’s Meet Online

Questions, inquiries, exploration of possibilities or just someone with Komodo knowledge to talk to: Leave us a message! We are also regularly found in the Komodo Discord, you can meet us there too.